SITA กระเบื้องอิตาลี กระเบื้องSITA

S I T A  was founded by a group of home furnishing experts
with knowledge of home decorative materials, Porcelain tiles.

We have more than 10 years of experience.

S I T A  focuses on delivering the high quality porcelain tiles.
Both from factories in Italy and China,
the same quality of production standards in Italy.

Our imported products can meet all styles of decoration, whether
Modern style, Classic style, Loft style etc.

We focus on providing advice to architects and designers.
To use products to suit the needs and budget of customers
from the beginning to the end.

We are confident in the excellent products and services.
We intend to deliver the best to our customers as always.

SITA กระเบื้องอิตาลี กระเบื้องSITA

All type of Porcelain Tile Dealer.
Service and Support to response your design.